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Their philosophy

They know you can go any where and appreciate you choosing Sparkle and Shine. The goal to provide a safe and sterile environment for you to enjoy your service. They are all about the customers experience. They know it takes trust and they want to make you feel comfortable.

Thier Story

Sparkle and Shine has been a labor of love. Erica has been a piercer since 2009 and Amber has trained under Erica since 2015. Together they have created Sparkle and Shine. Bringing sparkle around the world!

They have a love for travel and a passion for sparkles. As corny as that sounds its true piercing is a love and an art that they are taking to the next level. The award winning team travels the world to bring their passion everywhere.

Our Team

Erica Bautista

Founder & Head Piercer/Jewelry

I have been piercing since 2009. I fell in love with piercings when I saw my first dermal and had to know how they worked. To this day dermals are among my favorites to pierce. I saw tooth gems in 2016 and new that I wanted to offer tooth jewelry so we crated Sparkle and Shine. I am married with a 14 year old son so when I'm not at the shop or on a trip I am mostly at home with my family or on a vacation with them.

Amber Winbury

Founder & Piercer/ Jeweler 

I always loved piercings and was never afraid of needles because of the saying "pain is beauty". Sometimes people use piercings(and tattoos) as a way to heal or get through a big change and I've always wanted to help people however I could. Outside of the shop, I spend my time at school and involved with Deaf events and their community. Also, I enjoy being with my family and friends, going on adventures and experiencing new things.

Online Booking

To book an appointment you may call or text 951-445-9779 or you can book an appointment online. It is a very convenient way to be able to check available appointment times. When you book an appointment it does require a $5 deposit that will be applied to the cost of your service.